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My Independence Day Rant Date: Jul 5th @ 2:28am EDT
I was thinking about our U.S. Independence Day and what it means to be "free". As I have heard it said, "there are two things you can always depend on in this life: Death and taxes." While that may be true and mean that none of us are completely free, I am overwhelmed by how fortunate I am to live in a time and country where I am relatively free to live how I want to live. Yes, there will always be those who do not approve of one lifestyle or another, and judge. But in a way I still appreciate them and the fact that we are all different is what makes life so interesting. For example, if EVERYONE openly approved of porn, would it be quite as exciting? It occurred to me that, while I always hope for the world to become more open-minded, that if the world ever truly does become totally open and accepting of all the...well, kinky shit that people do, would life be less interesting? Of course I want all violence and pain caused in the name of Religion/hate/etc. to end, but I just mean that societies little taboos seem to make life more fun, right? If nothing was "bad" anymore, then how could I be naughty ;)

Anyway, Happy Independence Day!
Back from my trip! Date: Jul 4th @ 4:21am EDT
Just one week after starting out here and right when I felt I was starting to get to know some of you, I left last week on a previously scheduled trip. Where did I go many of you asked? To Las Vegas! It was my first time there believe it or not, and I just happen to go there when it was hitting between 115 and 120 degrees. So that means LOTS of time at the pool! Sometimes at my hotel pool, but also I went to a couple of really fun pool parties. One party was particularly...crazy! I had never been to anything like it. So many people, and so many hot guys! At one point four cute guys picked me up. I don't mean they hit on me, but they physically picked me up and carried me around in my bikini. Normally I might be a bit concerned with strangers carrying me away, but these guys were particularly hot, and it sorta reminded me of the Fantasy I have that I shared in my last Blog post. Plus they were nice and put me down eventually, not without having grabbed me in a few convenient places first.

Despite all the sun time, with my perhaps excessive use of sunscreen for fear of getting burnt, I think I was overly cautious and managed to return with hardly a tan at all. Just a bit of a bikini tan line top and bottom.

So...I'm back now! I've missed you guys and can't wait to catch up and get some private playtime again.

Oh, and I picked up some new toys on the trip too. Hoping to try some out tonight ;)
Goals to start the week Date: Jun 24th @ 12:55pm EDT
It's the beginning of my first full week in this new adventure of being a webcam model. The first few days were amazing and I've met so many great people already, with tons of great experiences. It's so exciting to be sharing fantasies and orgasms with people from around the world. I particularly love cam-to-cam shows where we can all see each other. Yesterday I had an epic c2c experience with a sexy Australian gentleman who led me through three amazing orgasms. I've watched the video twice already and it just keeps getting me off.

So, now it's Monday, and I'm thinking about the week ahead. First thought: I'm going on a one-week trip this Wednesday and have a TON to do to get ready. I have a new bikini, but...that's about all the packing I've done.

Second, I REALLY need some more sexy toys! I love my vibrators, but maybe I've used them a little too much, and it's time for some variety. So many choices; I added a few toys that looked fun to my WishList, so anyone that wants to help me get them faster can order something for me (and I'd love you to see me use them). And please write me or catch me in chat to let me know what toys you'd recommend for me first.

Thanks again to all of you who have helped make my first few days here incredible. Can't wait for the rest of the week!
Amazing first night! Date: Jun 21st @ 4:53am EDT
Thank you all so much for making my first night so amazing and unforgettable! I thought it would be fun but didn't know it would be THIS much fun. I loved chatting with all the guys, and definitely loved the attention. So fun to perform and read their comments. I had two private sessions and came 4 times (Got SO wet!). I particularly loved watching the guys stroke themselves. That's always been a fetish of mine. Seriously, I didn't even know I could do that until tonight. HOT! Can't believe how fast 3 hours went by! I just took a shower and I'm still smiling thinking about it. Can't wait to cum back tomorrow. Hope to see some of tonight's new friends again. You know who you are ;) Thanks again for helping me through my first night like the sexy gentlemen you are.

P.S. As a couple of you found out tonight, I love my toys, but it's clear to me I need more of them now. If any of you have suggestions for me I'd love to hear them. Tell me what to get and what to do with them! I need some 1 on 1 instruction.

Ok, It's getting late now and I'm lying in bed naked, hair still soaked from my shower, so..good night every one, and stay classy San Diego.
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